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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

For over 75 years, Little League has been a community run organization. Little League wouldn't exist without volunteers! However, our little league has been existing on a very small number of volunteers, which makes it hard to keep the league going. We would like our league to run more smoothly, but we need you to make that happen!

While many little leagues across the country are losing kids to other sports and activities, Snoqualmie Valley North Little League has gotten bigger every year for the past several years! That means we have hundreds of kids in the valley to service, but not enough volunteers to keep the league running.

Please consider carving out time in your busy life to keep our kids playing ball. There are many ways you can help the league be successful: 

Become a Board Member: A New Board is created each fall for the upcoming season. There are many board positions, and no experience is necessary! Show up to any board meeting at any time to learn about what the board does, and what positions might interest you. Sign up to join the board!

Become a Supporting Member: A supporting member is assigned to a team that is headed up by a board member. Supporting members can help with any number of things: putting up signs, sorting new and used gear, helping at the Spring Jamboree, field preparation and maintenance, sorting and delivering uniforms, and much more! 

Umpire: Does that sound scary? We thought so too! But it's actually a very fun job. We need a large number of Umpires for games each year from ages 6 and up - no classes needed! Each year our District helps train and prepare umpires as young as age 10 and as old as age 80 to umpire games appropriate for their skill level. We would never place a new umpire in a difficult game or situation; so you're guaranteed to have a great time! Check out District 9's umpire page here for more information:

Manage or Coach a Team: Each of our teams has both a manager and a coach; sometimes they are the same person and sometimes they are different. A manager is in charge of team organization: they contact parents and team members with team schedules and rosters, plan team snacks, organize the team fundraising basket, notify the team of rain-outs or schedule changes, pick up and distribute gear, etc. No knowledge of baseball or softball is needed for this position. 

Coaches are in charge of teaching the team the rules and skills of baseball/softball. They run practices, coach games, motivate and lead their teams, etc. Some knowledge of baseball or softball is needed for this position. Training is available for all of our coaches each season and often times the most successful coaches have no prior experience. 

For all volunteer positions, please reach out to


We especially are in need of managers and coaches for our Lower Division Teams. 



Seeking Volunteers

Our Little League is seeking  multiple Volunteers for the 2018 season of little league. We must have more volunteers if you want little league in our valley! 

No baseball or softball knowledge is required. What is required is organization, and a drive to help our little league run more smoothly. Below is a document with short explanations on what each position on our board is responsible for. Please get in touch with us or come to a monthly Board Meeting at the Depot Building in McCormick Park if you are interested in volunteering. You can choose to fill a board position, or just choose to be support staff.